About Us

We are an IFM-SEI project.

All together against climate change – Project summary

We aim to create a European network of peer educators who will receive professional training on media and communication (understanding the impact of media as well as practical tools to develop quality media products) and climate change to transmit to their local youth groups and wider communities.

They will work with their peers to develop creative media campaigns on the fight against climate change which address young people in their environment and in the form and language best suited to them.


  • To increase the media literacy of young people with a focus on media coverage of climate change
  • To educate peer educators on effective use of media and the causes and consequences of climate change
  • To provide the space for peer educators to share ideas for effective youth involvement in  campaigning against climate change
  • To develop local media campaigns against climate change with young people in 9 European countries to empower young people as change bringers
  • To develop high-quality training tools on media, communication and climate change


January 2011

Co-ordination team meeting (Brussels, 3 days)

A co-ordination team of 5 people will steer the project and facilitate the meetings.


February – July 2011

5 E-learning activities on media and climate change

These modules will be developed by the co-ordination team. The participants will start working on the themes of media and climate change together with their local groups before the first training course and after the training course, so that they and their groups feel part of the project from a very early stage on and come prepared to the training course.

May 2011

Training course I on media, campaigning and climate change (Germany, 10 days)

During the training course, participants will share their experiences of peer education, exchange face-to-face and more in depth about the topics of the first e-learning sessions on climate change and receive media training by experts.

The Training Course will consist of three core elements:

  1. Education on the causes and consequences of climate change
  2. Professional media and communications training
  3. Peer education training

May 2011-Decemer 2011

Local youth media campaigns on climate change

After the first training course, the peer educators will run local media campaigns against climate change together with their youth groups.

30 July – 09 August 2011

Media and campaigning workshops at Co-camp

The whole group will participate at Co-camp and run workshops at the camp about campaigning, media and climate change.

November 2011

Campaign tools development seminar (Prague, 4 days)

The combination of professional media and campaign training, together with the practical experience of developing and implementing 9 local media campaigns, will ensure the 30 peer educators have a great deal to share on campaign development. We plan to develop a handbook for young people motivated to run climate change media campaigns to support the sustainability and dissemination of the project. The participants will draft material for the handbook during this meeting.

The handbook will include the following sections:

  • Practical guides to using different media to the best advantage,
  • Best practice campaign examples
  • A step-by-step guide to developing a campaign
  • Useful hints
  • Peer education training tools on the use of media and climate change for peer educators

January 2012

Preparation for Training course II (Latvia, 3 days)

(with some participants of the project as facilitation team)

February 2012

Training Course II (Latvia, 6 days)

Simply publishing training tools is not sufficient to really ensure the sustainability of otherwise very successful projects.

We therefore plan to finish the youth media campaign project with a new beginning: A training course for new peer educators who will be empowered to implement campaigns for action against climate change in their communities.  This will give some participants of the long-term project the chance to become more experienced in facilitating through the planning and running of the European training course.


3 peer educators from each of the following organisations will participate in the project:

-        Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi, Latvia

-        Framfylkingen, Norway

-        Nuoret Kotkat, Finland

-        Woodcraft Folk, UK

-        SJD Die Falken, Germany

-        Kinderfreunde/ Rote Falken, Austria

-        Esplais Catalans – Esplac, Catalonia

-        Pionyrs, Czech Republic

-        Fenix, Slovakia