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Resource meeting, Prague

posted 12 Oct 2011, 00:42 by Unknown user

Dear ATACC group,

our meeting in Prague is coming closer and several of you have asked already about buying tickets. Finally I send you some more details about that.

Please aim to arrive at Thursday 3rd November before dinner, so we can start with the programme in the evening. Departure day is Sunday 6th November. Please try to find a train or flight in the afternoon, so that we can have a last session on Sunday morning.
We will stay in the hotel Prokopka ( Our seminar room is a 10 minutes walk from there.
The main aim of this meeting is to work on the handbook that will help other youth leaders to run climate change campaigns with their groups. We will try out educational methods you have used in your campaigns and discuss which ones to include in the handbook, we will collect 'do's and don'ts' of media campaigns, tell our campaign stories etc. The meeting will also serve to evaluate the ATACC project so far, because it will be the last meeting of the whole ATACC group.
We will send a draft programme and details on how to reach the hotel in a few weeks.

 Reference prices:
The maximum prices are:
- from Catalonia: 300 Euro per person
- from Germany: 150 Euro per person
- from Austria: 100 Euro per person
- from UK: 200 Euro per person
- from Finland: 300 Euro per person
- from Norway: 250 Euro per person
- from Latvia: 300 Euro per person
- from Slovakia: 75 Euro per person.

If you don't find anything in this price range, please contact me. We advise you to take a train or bus to come to Prague (remember the bet we made at Co-camp...).
Please bring materials that you have made for your campaigns (videos, educational materials, leaflets....) and photos, articles etc. about your campaigns, so that we can share what we have done so far.

Please send me your e-tickets/ booking confirmations (indicating price and arrival/departure time) as soon as you have them and tell me if you want to be reimbursed by cash or bank transfer.

Don’t forget to bring original tickets or e-tickets AND boarding passes to the seminar. We can only reimburse you if we have tickets and boarding passes!

The participation fee is again 50 Euros.

We also strongly recommend that you buy travel insurance – we cannot cover any missed flights or if you become ill and it will save you money in case of an accident. We cannot reimburse travel insurance, but please bring receipts of payment (our grant givers need to see them).

 In friendship,