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Training Course

posted 12 May 2011, 02:06 by Unknown user

Training Course 13-22 May 2011

Dear participants,

An exciting project is lying ahead of us!  It includes face-to-face meetings in an international group, virtual interaction and local activities, all around climate change and the media.

In the second document attached to this e-mail you find information on the e-learning space. With this letter we invite you to the first face-to-face meeting: the Training Course taking place in Germany.

Please book your travel as soon as possible. More information about the programme and what to bring will follow later.

Arrival: Friday May 13th 2010, preferably before 19:00

Departure: Sunday May 22nd, anytime

Venue: Salvador-Allende Haus, Oer-Erkenschwick (

How to get there?

To reach the Allende-Haus, you need to take a bus from the train station in Recklinghausen.

How to go to Recklinghausen: You can search for trains at:

Either your hometown (as this site covers all trains in Europe) or Duesseldorf Flughafen, the nearest airport.

Below you type in: Recklinghausen Hbf.

Also type in the right date and time and go to search.  You will then see different travel options.

If you come from Düsseldorf airport:

Take the ‘RE’ trains going directly to Recklinghausen. They are the cheapest and fastest ones. They leave every hour at 14 minutes past.  The last RE train leaves at 22:14. Your plane should arrive at least an hour earlier than that.

One ticket from Duesseldorf to Oer-Erkenschwick (via Recklinghausen) costs 11,40 Euro. You can buy the tickets at the counter or at a ticket machine. You need a ticket in ‘Preisstufe D’. (Price segment D).

You need to stamp/ validate the ticket on the platform or in the train.

When you arrive in Recklinghausen, leave the train station and look for bus no 231 direction Waltrop am Moselbach.

The bus leaves every 30 minutes. You have to get off at the stop ‘Maritimo’ in Oer-Erkenschwick. From there you follow the orange line on the map to the Allende Haus.

We strongly encourage you to take the train (or a coach) instead of a plane because of the very high amount of CO2 emissions caused by plane travel.

You (or your organisation) need to cover 30% of any plane tickets. If you travel by train/coach you will have to pay 30% but never more than the amount on the reference price below.

If you take the train or coach, it is okay if your ticket is more expensive than indicated below, but in that case please contact us before booking. 

Maximum travel prices per person for a return ticket (if you don’t find tickets below this price, please contact us).


Maximum cost by plane

Your maximum contribution by train/coach


€ 270 Euro

€ 81


€ 210 Euro

€ 63


€ 200 Euro

€ 60


€ 150 Euro

€ 45


€ 200 Euro

€ 60


€ 175 Euro

€ 53


€ 100 Euro

€ 30


€ 150 Euro

€ 45

Please check flights to Dortmund or Düsseldorf. Dortmund is closer to Recklinghausen, but in most cases the flights will be more expensive than to Düsseldorf.  A good website to find cheap flights:

Rynair flights go to an airport called "Duesseldorf (Weeze)". This airport is not in Duesseldorf, but around one hour away from the city...

Please send me your e-tickets/ booking confirmations (indicating price and arrival/departure time) as soon as you have them and tell me if you want to be reimbursed by cash or bank transfer.

Don’t forget to bring original tickets or e-tickets AND boarding passes to the seminar. We can only reimburse you if we have tickets and boarding passes!!

We also strongly recommend that you buy travel insurance – we cannot cover any missed flights or if you become ill and it will save you money in case of an accident. We cannot reimburse travel insurance, but please bring receipts of payment (our grant givers need to see them).